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Buonissimo is in a constant synergies with local producers to offer the best quality of food and beverages.




We are looking foward to see you in our grocery shop where you can find a vast choice of exquisite gourmet products. It is the place where quality meets traditions. We also have a coffee bar, where lots of gourmet events held regularly.

We constantly work on our value proposition and ready to offer you more than any grocery shopping experience.

We are also specializing in catering services which means we can prepare a successful event of your own idea and adjusted to any pocket. In our portfolio, there are more than five years of successful business and more than a hundred events realized. Buffets, banquets, coffee brakes. We also offer different types of highly personalized events: private parties such as birthdays, weddings, celebrations. In addition, we collaborate with other companies arranging events like presentations and launch of new products, inaugurations and new openings.

Our wines collection is composed of hundreds of names from the best national and local wine cellars (cantinas). We particularly cure and promote wine producers from Trentino and Alto Adige region, offering the excellence of taste and quality.

We also have a department dedicated to local craft beers.

 On the shelves of our gourmet shop, you will find more than a hundred of quality labels from the best producers of Italy along with a variety of products from local artisans.