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Corporate gifts, dinner and refreshments

The Christmas is coming! Warm evening spent with family and loved ones, but also a time to greet your clients and colleagues: the time when finance balances are set and its time to move on in a brand new year, full of happiness and success.


Our team has plenty of ideas on how to organize your celebration and to choose the best gifts.


Buonissimo catering service is always there to help you with all necessary preparings of celebrations, private or corporate.


We know how to choose an excellent variety of products, even those that hard to find to give you unforgettable moments.



Thanks to our experience, our team is there to provide you with a list of solutions to have a perfect celebration, satisfying any requirement in any situation. Qualifications and skills of our team, attention to the quality of our product, and detail-orientedness will make your Christmas Celebration an unforgettable experience. 




Buonissimo team knows how to select best venues for corporate dinners and suppers and knows how to adjust a decorate a venue of your preference, considering all the preferences. We adjust dinner with a number of plates, types of dishes, always with an eye on the quality of raw materials.



Christmas is the most appropriate time to have dinner at home, gathering with your friends and family. Catering of Buonissimo makes it even easier for the host. Let us think about cooking, servicing and cleaning. We are happy to arrange a party at your place, one of our venues or any place of your desire.


For ones who likes to keep it simple, refreshment is the way. What we offer here is a short break with your colleagues, keeping it cool and informal, in or out of office. Buonissimo’s team is happy to prepare a buffet of your desire and taste. We are glad to offer a list of local sparkling wines for toasts and best wishes.


Nowadays, it becomes more difficult to pick a gift for someone, friend or colleague. Though, we want our gifts to be sincerely appreciated and long remembered. That is why we studied a lot on gastronomic alternatives.


A hand-decorated basket full of local top-notch foods and drinks will for sure have a wow-effect.


If you are in a search for quality/price balance, Buonissimo is happy to offer a variety of “Sapori & Dintorni” goods.


If you look for something with a personal touch, we let you to compose a basket with goods of your choice.


Buonissimo’s corporate gifts are the best way to compliment your colleagues, reward your employees and thank your clients.

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