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This project started in 2016, with the purpose of producing the best egg possible, guaranteeing higher breeding and living standards for the hen.

It all starts with integrity and physical and psychophysical welfare of hens. The integrity of experience comes from a fact, that in this breeding hens are not getting their beak cut. It is an atrocious procedure used in most of the egg factories in order to prevent them from fighting and injure other animals.


The breed is formed from small wooden houses in which there are approximately 125 animals living (due to a logical fact that hens can't memorize more than 150 other animals and hence fight all the time for the social hierarchy). Once they are set with inner hierarchy, they live in peace and serenity. Having uncut beaks, the animal may eat small insects and microorganisms from the ground which makes it the biggest part of the protein, necessary for metabolism. It is also fundamental to have an entire beak in order to consume small rocks that help crumble and stir food while digesting.

Due to the fact, that eggs are also having their own seasons there were many in-depth researches done to include all necessary products in their daily ration according to the season. Needless to say, there are no GMO products used for their nutrition.






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