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The unique sort of rice, cultivated, processed and packed by a Rondolino family in their estate Colombara in the heart of Vercelli province.

It’s a success in a result of long studies and experience of Rondolinos. A quintessence of traditions and innovations let them discover a whole new way of production. Crude grains are first put to an artificial process of ageing, then slowly refined then goes reintegrated with its gem (which is usually lost in a process of refining).

These three particular processes are making Acquerello rich full of taste and whatsmore, healthier than any other. Acquerello is well known among leading chefs and gourmets around the world as a number one rice.

Its grains are whole, well-defined, solid and tasteful. Acquerello is perfect for any dish and makes it much easier to cook a delicious risotto.

In order to preserve natural qualities, it is sold in tin cans of different sizes.

Processing and packing are carefully done on site.

The gem is of crucial importance for integral rice. It contains the major part of vitamins and microelements. Usually, during the processing, it goes separated from the grain itself along with chaff, which is the dark layer of fibres that covers unprocessed rice grains, which bring it to an overall impoverishment in quality terms.

In contrary, during the processing of Acquerello, there is a different process, patented by Rondelli family, where the gem is separated from the chaff and afterwards it goes reunited with a grain. Hence, in Acquerello there are combined the simplicity of cooking any white rice with having all the intrinsic qualities of having an integral one.


2019, April 15th Buonissimo team has organized an event with Maria Navara Rondolino, the owner and producer of Acquerello and chef Federico Parolari, that took place in Balter Rovereto, agricultural company.




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