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In a variety of products that Buonissimo gourmet grocery can proudly offer, there’s one that deserves particular attention – local hot pepper-based products by Maurizio Zanghielli.

All-bio, coming from camps around Rovereto, it is simple, though original, fun and universal spice for any kitchen. A true must-have, this hot pepper, “peperoncino”, will let discover an authentic potential and whole new dimension of a taste of pepper.


At Buonissimo gourmet grocery you will find all the vast choice of Trentino Peperoncino products.

"Ti faccio secco" line offers three types of dried&grounded hot pepper. Fragrant and intense Erghem combines a full taste of Habaneros “7 re d’Isera” (7 kings of Isera – small adjacent town) with a surprising fragrance of citrusy “Oro de Folas” (Gold of Folasa, named after a small village in a valley). What’s interesting, these hot peppers are easy to combine even with chocolate.

It is as well offered a variety of sauces and dips Dandy, L’inferno, Bestiale, Che Delizia. Moreover, there’s a “Mostarda Bastarda” which is easily combined with cheese and boiled meats.

Ask us and Buonissimo team can use Trentino hot pepper also during catering and events. It will definitely be a rare and unforgettable experience for your guests! We also advise to try it with panbanana (sweet pastry) of our production, it will be a real joyful tasting experience.

Products by Maurizio Zanghielli are a sustainable trade, signed with quality and healthiness. They were present also in the evening of “Spesa for Change”, organized by our team and collaboration of Vallagarina Alto Garda Slow Food conduct.






Peperoncino Trentino di Maurizio Zanghielli

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