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“Millenario” is an oil made with a local ancient sort of olives “La Casaliva”. This sort of olive trees characterizes local olive plantations extended in Garda Trentino area, treated with love and respect.

A sublime balance of nature here, with mountain landscapes with Meditteranean climate, fosters hundreds of years of olive cultivation. There are approximately a thousand of Casaliva olive trees on three hectares of land, raised and cultivated in all-biological context. The soil is enriched with organic fertilizers containing olive pomace. In addition, herbs growing on camps are shredded to be left on campus to enrich the soil with organic substances and to limit the natural loss of water. Camps are not irrigated artificially, and plants are always under pest control with the use of products allowed in biological agriculture.

The harvest starts in mid-October and lasts until late November when fruits start to change colour. Harvesting is all manual with use of mechanics that provoke falling fruits from branches to nets extended on bottom of trees. After that, olives are collected and put in boxes for eventual transportation to the oil mill.

Due to the proximity of fields and the oil mill, the process of oil making starts within twelve hours from harvesting.

Prepared olives are washed and undergo extraction of oil at low temperature. Right after, the olive mass left goes collected to a special decanter.

Thanks to a centrifuge separator, the extraction of oil happen also from the olive pulp, which goes immediately filtrated and storage.


Olio extravergine di oliva biologico


Arco - Trentino


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