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Pure monofloral honey collected at the very moment of creation while blooming in ecologically pristine places. Nomadic honey, namely product resulted after taking bees to different sites to collect honey, became a family tradition, a fruit of country-long travel, observations and considerations of local narratives and stories of farmers.


​Mieli Thun is nomadic beekeeping, that involves the national level of bee-since in order to have the best all-Italian honey. Every year, Mieli Thun is varying their position amongst 60 sites of honey collection, that what concludes one of their forces.

Andrea Paternoster, inheritance of grandfather’s name, passion and infinite love to beekeeping. With his natural enthusiasm, and unstoppable strive to let know people what noble product honey really is. Mieli Thun start its business in early 1990’s with an idea to express the idea of connection between a brand and quality


Green Vila


Val di Non


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