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We’ve met Maria Tommasino in “Spesa for Change”, organized by our team and collaboration of Vallagarina Alto Garda Slow Food conduct. Evening dedicated to brainstorming new ideas of sustainable grocery shopping and trade.

Among products ms. Tommasino provided to us, she gave also biologically produced eggs in order to launch the idea of km zero Carbonara and the idea found its success.


Few months later, eggs of her brand, La Bis, are finally ready to be commercialized at our gourmet grocery. Here, we talk about bio-eggs, hatched by happy hens, that live and bred open-air, on lands amidst wine yards of Agricultural Company Besagno, Mori, which is only few kilometers away from Rovereto.


Furthermore, La Bis has its own production of grape juice and jams (Lagrein, Marzemino and other), always perfect to accompany a cheese plate.


uova, succhi




Az. Agricola La Bis Maria Tommasino

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