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Campisi family business was founded in 1854, in Marzamemi (SR), a small town on the very south of warm Sicily. Being on the seaside, this place has strong marine traditions and preferences in food. For more than a century, the business of Salvatore Campisi is striving to produce the highest quality traditional fish products made out of red tuna, swordfish, amberjack along with the bottarga and mosciame (namely, tuna ham). In addition, there is a production of fish sauces and pates.


The use of ancient techniques of fish processing inherited from middle eastern ancestors with centuries has transformed in modern production. There are traditional ways of a primal material elaboration, such as drying and ageing fish, fostered as well by the local climate.


Locals consider Salvatore Campisi as one of the last connoisseurs of traditions about-to-extinct and worthy of protection and recognition.


Marzamemi is a small town located in a commune of Pachino, famous by its tomatoes on a worldwide scene. Red Gold of Pachino, they call it. It is famous for its deliciously sweet taste and a handful of microelements. Campisi is also processing this sort of tomatoes, among other vegetables. “The processing remain same throughout times and generations. Authenticity and freshness of raw material and constant process control guarantee the best quality”


Fish and sauce


Marzamemi (Pachino)


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